When it comes to preparing for college, not every student preparing for a college application has a clear idea of where they are headed and what they should be studying. However, considering potential career options at an early stage of secondary education could provide the clarity which students need to make their important college decisions. 

Although college coaches are well-placed to advise and prepare teenagers for their futures, psychometric testing also plays an important part in college preparation for those aged between 14 and 18. 

Here at VKS Training, we have partnered with Step One, a company that has been helping students around the world for more than 20 years with their InterQuest psychometric tests. In this insightful blog, we take a look at the importance and the benefits of a psychometric test for higher secondary students.

What are psychometric tests?

The InterQuest psychometric tests are designed to measure the skills, abilities, and natural talents of those at higher secondary school age. The carefully crafted test will examine various traits, through the use of reasoning, aptitude, scenario-based, and ability-based questions. The result is a completely unbiased assessment, which is free of any personal bias.


The advantages of psychometric testing

  • Gain a better understanding of an individual’s cognitive capacity

Here in Dubai, the school system is designed to test the learning capability of students, with results used to judge suitability for various colleges and potential subject areas. However, psychometric testing is designed to gain a better understanding of an individual’s cognitive capacity, the natural ability within areas, interests, and personality traits.


  • Informed choices during higher secondary education

The results of psychometric tests can be used by students who are struggling to decide between potential subject choices. By identifying aptitude in particular areas and natural interests through personality profiling, students will be able to recognize their abilities and feel confident in their chosen subject areas. Not only will this reduce stress and anxiety, but grades also have the potential to improve thanks to a student’s natural ability.


  • Improved life satisfaction and long-term career prospects

Many life-changing decisions are made during higher secondary education, so it is important to gain as much information as possible. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, a psychometric test will provide reassurance, guidance, and stability for potential career choices, so that young adults are heading into a chosen career field which leaves them feeling fulfilled, content, and able to thrive.


Book a psychometric test and prepare for college with VKS Training

By combining Step One’s in-depth psychometric testing with our expert college preparation services, we are the ideal choice for higher secondary students who are looking to make better decisions about their career paths. As a team, we can help students find the best career choice and stay focused, so they are able to achieve their ambitious goals.

To find out more about taking a psychometric test for higher secondary students in Dubai, please contact our team today.

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