Undecided About Your Future ?

Some of us might know where we are headed, and some may have no idea. Some of us have mountains to climb, or people to heal.

Taking the psychometric test can provide you invaluable and impartial insights into your unique talents & interests.

  • Results are cross matched via a powerful algorithm to produce a personalized (40 pages) report for each student.
  • The test can be taken for anyone between the ages of 14-18 years, which includes an efficient psychometric test, and a thorough careers interest questionnaire.
  • We use the psychometrics report help a student gain an understanding of their strengths, talents, and interests, and how to use them successfully in the future.
  • Finally design an academic calendar that enables the student to complete and meet all admission requirements such as – scoring/maintaining grades, writing personal statements, taking the right standardized entrance exams, taking the English proficiency test, developing a portfolio (if needed) and gathering recommendations, there are many steps to complete.
  • After reviewing the report with the student and parents, we will schedule additional counselling sessions that will identify admission requirements, courses & list of colleges that will help them fulfill their dreams.