vedic maths course in dubai

What is Vedic Maths ?

Vedic Maths is a course that enables you to perform math calculations much faster than conventional methods taught in schools. The term ‘Vedic’ came from the Sanskrit word ‘Veda’, which means ‘Knowledge’. Vedic Maths originated in Ancient India and has 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras derived from The Atharva Veda.

Vedic maths techniques enable students to understand that a problem has more than one solution. Vedic Maths deals with a true understanding of numbers and arithmetic operations. The formulae taught during this course can be used across a wide range of math topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Conics, and Arithmetic.

Why is vedic math important ?

  • Vedic maths cultivates interest in numbers and eliminates a student’s math-phobia
  • Improves student’s memory and boosts self-confidence
  • Help’s sharpen a student’s mind and increases their mental agility
  • Enables a student to understand complex calculations from a different perspective and shorten the time duration of doing calculations.
  • Vedic maths is important for students who want to succeed at scoring in Standardised Admissions Test or Entrance Exams such as SAT, CAT, ACT, NEET, JEE, etc.

Vedic Maths Sutras

Mathematician Bharati Krishna Maharaja found 16 principles from the ancient Vedas in the 20th century. These principles can be combined in different ways to solve a wide array of math problems.

Sutra number Sutra Meaning
Sutra 1 By one more than the previous one
Sutra 2 All from 9 and the last from 10
Sutra 3 Vertically and crosswise
Sutra 4 Transpose and adjust
Sutra 5 When the sum is the same that sum is zero
Sutra 6 If one is in ratio, the other is zero
Sutra 7 By addition and by subtraction
Sutra 8 By the completion or Non-completion
Sutra 9 Differences and Similarities
Sutra 10 Whatever the extent of its deficiency
Sutra 11 Part and Whole
Sutra 12 The remainders by the last digit
Sutra 13 The ultimate and twice the penultimate
Sutra 14 By one less than the previous one
Sutra 15 The product of the sum is equal to the sum of the product
Sutra 16 The factors of the sum are equal to the sum of the factors

Course certification

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion attested by the KHDA authority.