PSAT is also known as the Preliminary SAT is a test taken by students who are in their junior and sophomore years in high school. For those students considering taking the SAT or hoping to pursue a degree in universities based in the United States of America or other countries must take the PSAT as it is similar to the actual SAT test.

Understanding the Pattern

The test includes all the sections that the SAT covers. The likeliness of a student getting great SAT scores on their very first try is very low unless students understand how the test works. PSAT enables students to have a better idea of how the actual test will look, speed in attempting the questions, and know the type of questions that will be asked in it.

Areas that need more attention

Our SAT Prep course relies intensively on a building-wide an array of skill sets and developing and adapting using a wide array of strategies to enable students to get 1400 on the first set of practice tests. Although many students cram into to take the SAT tests right before their college starts, the students who choose to take the PSAT start improving on aspects they need more practice in and make progress in key skills that are needed to score high on SATs. Students achieve high SAT scores with the development of all-around skills.

Confidence Boost

Fear of the Unknown or fear of tests can have a negative impact on your SAT Scores even if you have practiced the tests at home or at school. But if a student does the PSAT, they will be at a distinct advantage when attempting the SAT. However, just earning a perfect PSAT score doesn’t exempt the student from studying for the SAT. The SAT is longer than the PSAT and contains an optional essay section that the PSAT does not. Presuming that your success on the SAT is assured could result in a lower-than-anticipated score on this important college admissions exam.

PSAT enables you to get a scholarship

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation works with College Board when applying for these exams. They want to find the best students to reward with a scholarship. Junior students’ scores are taken and compared with those from other schools. Students who get the best scores have the opportunity to win a full-ride scholarship.

Competition is tough

To stand apart from the crowd, PSAT scores help create a good impression on universities. PSAT and SAT scores will show universities that you have been putting the effort and enables you to stay at the top of the colleges’ list. Hence, playing an important role in a student’s acceptance process.

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